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Permitted Items
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The following list is provided to assist you in determining what items are permitted beyond screening checkpoints.
For the most up-tp-date list please visit the Transportation Security Administration's web site.

Medical and Personal Items
* Braille note taker, slate and stylus, and augmentation devices
* Cigar cutters
* Corkscrews
* Cuticle cutters
* Diabetes-related supplies/equipment (once inspected to ensure prohibited items are not concealed), including: insulin and insulin loaded dispensing products; vials or box of individual vials; jet injectors; pens; infusers; and preloaded syringes; and an unlimited number of unused syringes, when accompanied by insulin; lancets; blood glucose meters; blood glucose meter test strips; insulin pumps; and insulin pump supplies. Insulin in any form or dispenser must be properly marked with a professionally printed label identifying the medication or manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label.
* Eyeglass repair tools, including screwdrivers
* Eyelash curlers
* Knives, round-bladed butter or plastic
* Nail clippers
* Nail files
* Nitroglycerine pills or spray for medical use, if properly marked with a professionally printed label identifying the medication or manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label.
* Personal care or toiletries with aerosols, in limited quantities
* Prosthetic device tools and appliances (including drill, allen wrenches, pullsleeves) used to put on or remove prosthetic devices, if carried by the individual with the prosthetic device or his or her companion
* Safety razors (including disposable razors)
* Scissors, plastic or metal with blunt tips
* Tweezers
* Umbrellas (once inspected to ensure prohibited items are not concealed)
* Walking canes (once inspected to ensure prohibited items are not concealed)

Toys, Hobby Items, and Other Items Posing Little Risk
* Knitting and crochet needles
* Toy transformer robots
* Toy weapons (if not realistic replicas)


The following list is provided to assist in determining what items are allowed in the sterile area and what items are not. This is not an all-inclusive list and there may be other items found at the checkpoint that may be dangerous and that should not be allowed into the sterile area

Guns and Firearms
* BB guns
* Compressed air guns
* Firearms
* Flare pistols
* Gun lighters
* Parts of guns and firearms
* Pellet guns
* Realistic replicas of firearms
* Spear guns
* Starter pistols
* Stun guns/cattle prods/shocking devices

Sharp Objects
* Axes and hatchets
* Bows and arrows
* Drills (including cordless portable power drills)
* Ice axes/Ice picks
* Knives of any length (except rounded-blade butter and plastic cutlery)
* Meat cleavers
* Razor-type blades such as box cutters, utility knives, and razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors
* Sabers
* Saws (including cordless portable power saws)
* Scissors (metal with pointed tips)
* Screwdrivers (except those in eyeglass repair kits)
* Swords
* Throwing stars (martial arts)

Club-Like Items
* Baseball bats
* Billy clubs
* Blackjacks
* Brass knuckles
* Cricket bats
* Crowbars
* Golf clubs
* Hammers
* Hockey sticks
* Lacrosse sticks
* Martial arts weapons (including numchucks, and kubatons)
* Night sticks
* Pool cues
* Ski poles
* Tools (including but not limited to wrenches and pliers)
* Wrenches and pliers

All Explosives Including
* Ammunition
* Blasting caps
* Dynamite
* Fireworks
* Flares in any form
* Gunpowder
* Hand grenades
* Plastic explosives

* Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities)
* Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel)
* Gasoline
* Gas torches
* Lighter fluid
* Strike-anywhere matches
* Turpentine and paint thinner

Disabling Chemicals and Other Dangerous Items
* Chlorine for pools and spas
* Compressed gas cylinders (including fire extinguishers)
* Liquid bleach
* Mace
* Pepper spray
* Spillable batteries (except those in wheelchairs)
* Spray Paint
* Tear gas

Bradley International Airport Offers a Mail-Back Program for Prohibited Items
For a $5 fee, any of the Paradise Shops at Bradley is offering a mailing box with an address label, protective packaging and a $3.85 stamp and will also give passengers a receipt letting them return to the head of the security line. Items weighing as much as a pound can be sent. The stores provide same-day Postal Service pickup.
Certain items, such as ammunition and blue-flame lighters for pipes, cannot be sent via mail and still will be confiscated.

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