In 2004, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved a Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study for Bradley International Airport (BDL) which included a series of programs and initiatives aimed at mitigating the effects of aircraft noise.  The Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP), a recommendation derived from the Study, provides qualified homeowners with acoustical modifications to lessen the effects of aircraft noise free of charge.  The Program assists residents in the high noise-impacted areas surrounding Bradley International Airport.

Only properties located within the FAA approved Noise Exposure Map (NEM) 65 dB DNL contour boundaries are eligible for participation.  The contours are generated by using FAA noise modeling software that utilizes actual Bradley International Airport data, including number of aircraft operations, type of aircraft, times of aircraft operations, flight tracks, runway use and aircraft altitudes.

BDL Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) is funded through grants offered by the FAA (80%) and local airport funds (20%). No local tax dollars are used to fund the RSIP.

14 CFR Part 150 Study (4.1 Mb)

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