To assist in the implementation and daily requirements of this project, BDL has retained the services of The Jones Payne Group, who will serve as the Program Manager, Program Architect and Homeowner Liaison. Sub-consultants include:

Aztech Engineers, INC. – Project Engineer and Mechanical & Electrical Consultant
Landrum & Brown – Acoustical Consultant
ATC Associates – Environmental Consultant

The Jones Payne Group, Inc.

The Jones Payne Group (JP) serves as the Program Manager and Program Architect (PM/Architect) and is responsible for all management, program formulation and technical aspects of the RSIP Program, including proposed architectural, acoustical, mechanical and electrical modifications, and acoustical testing.  JP will also serve as the Homeowner Liaison and be responsible for all homeowner communications.

Aztech Engineers, Inc.

The Program Mechanical / Electrical Engineer (Project Engineer), is responsible for improvements related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and reports directly to The Jones Payne Group, Inc.

Landrum & Brown, Incorporated

The Program Acoustical Consultant (Acoustical Consultant), is responsible for acoustical testing protocols and noise reduction performance of installed products, and will report directly to The Jones Payne Group, Inc. Specific responsibilities include:

ATC Associates

The Program Environmental Consultant (Environmental Consultant) is responsible for abatement oversight. ATC reports directly to The Jones Payne Group, Inc.

Organizational Chart