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At the commencement of each phase, homeowners will be notified by the Airport of their eligibility.  Below is a list and description of the big steps involved.

Start to Finish

  1. Notification
  2. Assessment visit
  3. Concept Development
  4. Homeowner Agreement Visit
  5. Final Design
  6. Bid and Award
  7. Pre-Construction Walk-through Visit
  8. 48 hour Walk-through Visit
  9. Construction
  10. Punch List Visit
  11. Final Inspection Visit
  12. Warrantee package
  13. File Easement


You will be sent an application when your home is eligible for sound insulation treatments in the next phase of the program. Please be sure to complete the application and questionnaire and mail it back to us before the date listed.  Only Homeowners that have completed the application process will be invited to the RSIP workshop.

Assessment Visit

After receiving your application, we will contact you to schedule an appointment, and the Program Team will visit your home following the RSIP Workshop.  The purpose of the visit is to document and evaluate your home in order to develop a custom design package specifically for your residence.  The Team will be measuring windows and doors, inspecting ventilation and sketching a floor plan.  They will need access to all rooms including closets.  The Team Leader will review the gathered information with you, your acoustical product selection, and the next steps of the Program.  This visit will take approximately 2 hours.

Concept Development

The Program Team will use the information gathered from the Assessment Visit to prepare the preliminary design documents starting with the Concept Packet. The existing conditions, floor plans, homeowner selections and miscellaneous items that are to be incorporated in the design documents are listed in the Concept Packet.  This packet includes the recommended acoustical treatments to the windows, doors, ceilings and walls. It also includes elevation photographs, homeowner pre-work requirements, mechanical and electrical treatment locations and recommendations, and a door and window schedule.  This process involves reviewing the Program policies and limitations based on the rules associated with the federal funding requirements.

Homeowner Agreement Visit

The Program consultant will schedule an appointment with you to review the architectural, mechanical and electrical concept treatment recommendations and ensure the design package meets your approval.  A thorough description of windows, doors and other modifications along with installation procedures will be presented by the Program Architect.  The Program Architect will review the construction preparation process with you.  This visit will take approximately 2 hours and you will be asked to sign the Homeowner Participation Agreement and design package.  By signing the agreement you are allowing our team to complete the design and bidding process.

Final Design

Once you have signed the Homeowner Participation Agreement, the Program Architect will complete the Concept Packet and create a bidding manual that will include all of the homes in your phase. Any corrections or changes made at the Homeowner Agreement Visit.

Bid and Award

The Program Architect, with assistance and input from the Airport, will handle all matters that pertain to the bidding and contract award phase. All work in the RSIP Program will be publicly, and competitively, bid through the Airport’s procurement process. This process can take anywhere from eight to sixteen weeks. One General Contractor will be awarded the contract for all of the homes in your bid group. The Contractors are required to be bonded and insured.

Pre-Construction Walk-through Visit

Shortly after the contract has been awarded, you will be contacted to schedule a time for the Contractor and the Consultant to visit your home in final preparation for ordering materials.  Similar to the Assessment Visit, a team of 4 or more individuals will need access to all areas of the home where work is to be performed.  You will be required to confirm the paint or stain colors during this visit so we ask that everyone who needs to be involved in the decision be present. This visit will take approximately one hour.  The contractor will order the materials after this visit and you will be contacted by phone to schedule a date for construction when the contractor receives confirmation.

48 hour Walk-through Visit

A short visit will be scheduled 48 hours before construction is planned to ensure you are ready for the work to begin in your home.  The contractor and a representative from our team will describe the specifics of how you should prepare for construction and go over any last minute questions or concerns you may have.


The Contractor is allowed 10 days for construction and we ask that you or someone you designate as a representative be present during this time. We will also have a member of the Program Team in the field observing the work. The contractor will be allowed to work in your home from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and is required to clean up at the end of each day. The contractor understands that you will be living in the home for the duration of the construction and will insure that all door and windows openings are secure at the end of each day.

Punch List Visit

When most of the work is complete, the contractor will request a "Punch List" from the Program Team.  The Program Team will visit your home and develop a list of remaining items that are required to be finished in order for the work at your home to be considered complete.  After this list is delivered to the contractor, we will schedule all the future visits to your home, so you will no longer need to be continuously present.  The contractor is allowed 10 days to complete the items on the list.

Final Inspection Visit

The Final Inspection Visit is a scheduled appointment by the Program Architect with the homeowner, construction supervisor and the Homeowner Liaison.  The Program Team will confirm that all work has been done per the base contract and that all work meets project standards for workmanship and quality. After this visit, the work in your home is complete.  You can now enjoy the reduction of aircraft noise while inside your home!

Warrantee Package

The contractor will deliver a Warrantee Package that includes the information you need to maintain the new products in you home and contact information if there is a problem.  We assure you that all of the products that are specified to be installed in your home will be consistent with industry standards and will not require you to maintain them in a special way due to their acoustical properties.  Each product installed in the Program comes with a one-year labor and product guarantee; and many products also carry a multiple-year warranty.

File Easement

At the end of the process, the Avigation Easement that you were asked to sign at the Homeowner Agreement Visit will be filed with your local town and be attached to the deed of your property.

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