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Noise Abatement
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Environmental Impact Statement

The Environmental Impact Statement, also known as a Part 150 update is periodically reviewed and revised. The study looks at the projected environmental impact 5 to 10 years into the future based on anticipated growth or current trends. One of the impacts described is noise. The noise is measured and modeled using the “Integrated Noise Model”. This creates an average noise level called the Day Night Level (DNL). The area impacted by various noise levels is defined using lines on a map (Contour Lines).  A "contour line" is overlaid on the "Noise Exposure Map" for each 5 decibel DNL increment in noise exposure that starts with the highest exposure on the runway itself, and proceeds down to 60 decibels.  The Focus of this project is to provide assistance to homes affected by noise exposure of 65 DNL and higher.

Integrated Noise Model (INM)

Integrated Noise Model produces the noise exposure maps used for land use planning. It is a computer model developed, updated and maintained by the FAA to calculate the noise exposure generated by aircraft operations at an airport.

Lead Hazard Notification

To protect families from lead paint exposure from paint, dust and soil, Congress passed the Lead Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, known as Title X. This act relates to all housing built before 1978.

What does this law mean to you? Since the RSIProgram treatments could disturb old paint or cause dust, you will receive and must give every tenant, a copy of the booklet "Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home" (PDF). The EPA's "Disclosure of Information" (PDF) document must be signed by homeowners and tenants. By doing this you are not admitting to having lead paint on your property, you are just complying with HUDs and EPAs disclosure rules to help with Lead Paint information. The EPA pamphlet and rule are available electronically and may be accessed through the Internet at

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