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Flight Arrivals

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Bradley International Airport makes every effort to keep arrival and departure information current, however we encourage you to check with your airline who may have more up to date information available.

or Flight Number
AirlineFlight NumberOriginDeparture TimeArrival TimeStatus
US Airways4378
Philadelphia, PA More Information
7:40 AM8:57 AMScheduled
US Airways4022
Washington, DC More Information
7:35 AM8:57 AMScheduled
Southwest Airlines677
Baltimore, MD More Information
8:00 AM9:05 AMScheduled
Delta Air Lines3440
Cincinnati, OH More Information
7:30 AM9:28 AMScheduled
Air Canada7950
Toronto, ON More Information
8:00 AM9:37 AMScheduled
US Airways2730
Charlotte, NC More Information
7:44 AM9:40 AMScheduled
Delta Air Lines706
Atlanta, GA More Information
7:25 AM9:41 AMScheduled
American Airlines3633
Chicago, IL More Information
7:15 AM10:15 AMScheduled
Southwest Airlines4257
Tampa, FL More Information
7:45 AM10:30 AMScheduled
Delta Air Lines4544
Minneapolis, MN More Information
7:00 AM10:36 AMScheduled
United Airlines5955
Chicago, IL More Information
7:53 AM11:01 AMScheduled
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