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Flight Departures
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Bradley International Airport makes every effort to keep arrival and departure information current, however we encourage you to check with your airline who may have more up to date information available.

or Flight Number
AirlineFlight NumberDestinationDeparture TimeArrival TimeStatus
Southwest Airlines146
Baltimore, MD
5:40 AM7:05 AMLanded
Delta Air Lines1069
Detroit, MI
5:55 AM7:53 AMActive
American Airlines1170
Miami, FL
6:00 AM9:10 AMActive
Southwest Airlines3386
Orlando, FL
6:00 AM8:50 AMActive
United Airlines5687
Washington, DC
6:00 AM7:28 AMActive
Delta Air Lines1065
Atlanta, GA
6:00 AM8:31 AMActive
American Airlines170
Miami, FL
6:02 AM8:54 AMScheduled
US Airways1881
Washington, DC
6:10 AM7:37 AMActive
Southwest Airlines241
Chicago, IL
6:15 AM7:45 AMActive
Delta Air Lines797
Minneapolis, MN
6:15 AM8:11 AMActive
US Airways1790
Charlotte, NC
6:30 AM8:34 AMActive
US Airways3503
Pittsburgh, PA
6:33 AM8:00 AMActive
Southwest Airlines239
Tampa, FL
6:40 AM9:40 AMActive
American Airlines1525
Dallas, TX
6:40 AM9:45 AMActive
Delta Air Lines6138
Cincinnati, OH
6:45 AM8:57 AMActive
Air Canada7291
Toronto, ON
6:55 AM8:54 AMActive
Delta Air Lines1054
Atlanta, GA
7:00 AM9:35 AMActive
JetBlue Airways959
Fort Lauderdale, FL
7:00 AM10:05 AMActive
American Airlines4279
Chicago, IL
7:05 AM8:40 AMActive
Delta Air Lines1120
Detroit, MI
7:10 AM9:07 AMActive
Atlanta, GA
7:10 AM9:33 AMActive
US Airways1785
Philadelphia, PA
7:15 AM8:43 AMActive
United Airlines1074
Chicago, IL
7:25 AM8:56 AMScheduled
Southwest Airlines1428
Baltimore, MD
7:30 AM8:45 AMScheduled
Air Canada7295
Montreal, QC
7:30 AM8:52 AMScheduled
US Airways1729
Charlotte, NC
7:59 AM10:17 AMScheduled
Southwest Airlines437
Fort Myers, FL
8:00 AM11:10 AMScheduled
Southwest Airlines3030
Fort Lauderdale, FL
8:05 AM11:10 AMScheduled
JetBlue Airways337
Orlando, FL
8:12 AM11:04 AMScheduled
Southwest Airlines782
Denver, CO
8:30 AM10:50 AMScheduled
American Airlines1351
Los Angeles, CA
9:00 AM12:20 PMScheduled
JetBlue Airways533
Tampa, FL
9:12 AM12:14 PMScheduled
US Airways4378
Philadelphia, PA
9:18 AM10:48 AMScheduled
US Airways4022
Washington, DC
9:34 AM11:00 AMScheduled
Southwest Airlines3567
Baltimore, MD
9:35 AM10:45 AMScheduled
Delta Air Lines3477
Raleigh/Durham, NC
9:55 AM11:42 AMScheduled
United Airlines225
Washington, DC
10:08 AM11:35 AMScheduled
US Airways2801
Charlotte, NC
10:20 AM12:22 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines706
Atlanta, GA
10:23 AM12:50 PMScheduled
American Airlines3633
Chicago, IL
10:40 AM12:15 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines1117
Detroit, MI
11:00 AM12:54 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines4544
Minneapolis, MN
11:11 AM1:11 PMScheduled
Air Canada7297
Montreal, QC
11:20 AM12:42 PMScheduled
US Airways3518
Pittsburgh, PA
11:24 AM12:50 PMScheduled
US Airways3399
Philadelphia, PA
11:25 AM12:46 PMScheduled
United Airlines5813
Chicago, IL
11:31 AM1:04 PMScheduled
JetBlue Airways903
Fort Myers, FL
11:40 AM2:47 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines4999
Baltimore, MD
11:45 AM12:55 PMScheduled
US Airways3377
Washington, DC
11:53 AM1:16 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines3056
Las Vegas, NV
11:55 AM2:35 PMScheduled
JetBlue Airways275
San Juan
12:40 PM4:24 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines1696
Atlanta, GA
12:42 PM3:13 PMScheduled
US Airways2032
Charlotte, NC
1:00 PM3:03 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines2083
Orlando, FL
1:10 PM4:00 PMScheduled
American Airlines1696
Dallas, TX
1:15 PM4:15 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines3292
Cincinnati, OH
1:15 PM3:24 PMScheduled
US Airways3497
Washington, DC
1:20 PM2:46 PMScheduled
Atlanta, GA
1:23 PM3:53 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines4364
Chicago, IL
1:40 PM3:00 PMScheduled
US Airways3836
Philadelphia, PA
1:40 PM3:04 PMScheduled
United Airlines5958
Chicago, IL
2:12 PM3:48 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines420
Baltimore, MD
2:20 PM3:30 PMScheduled
Air Canada7293
Toronto, ON
2:25 PM4:24 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines5772
Minneapolis, MN
2:30 PM4:32 PMScheduled
United Airlines5705
Washington, DC
2:43 PM4:11 PMScheduled
US Airways3259
Philadelphia, PA
3:09 PM4:39 PMScheduled
US Airways3520
Pittsburgh, PA
3:24 PM4:50 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines1690
Atlanta, GA
3:30 PM6:00 PMScheduled
JetBlue Airways1459
Fort Lauderdale, FL
3:35 PM6:44 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines305
Baltimore, MD
3:45 PM4:55 PMScheduled
American Airlines2496
Miami, FL
3:55 PM7:15 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines721
Tampa, FL
4:00 PM6:55 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines5327
Detroit, MI
4:30 PM6:32 PMScheduled
US Airways3223
Washington, DC
4:35 PM5:56 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines2242
Orlando, FL
4:50 PM7:35 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines792
Atlanta, GA
4:50 PM7:22 PMScheduled
American Airlines4275
Chicago, IL
4:50 PM6:25 PMScheduled
Delta Air Lines4151
Cincinnati, OH
5:00 PM7:08 PMScheduled
US Airways2092
Charlotte, NC
5:05 PM7:06 PMScheduled
United Airlines1733
Chicago, IL
5:06 PM6:38 PMScheduled
Southwest Airlines700
Chicago, IL
5:10 PM6:30 PMScheduled
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