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TSA Announces Expansion of Self-select Lanes at Bradley International Airport 4/9/2009
Innovative program designed to expedite the screening process for air travelers.
WINDSOR LOCKS, CT – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced the expansion of its popular Self-Select Lanes program to Bradley International Airport. To date, Bradley is the fifty first airport in the country to launch this innovative program designed to expedite the screening process for air travelers. “TSA is expanding the self-select lanes program at Bradley in cooperation with our partners at the State of Connecticut,” said Peter Boynton, federal security director, TSA Bradley. “These lanes will continue to foster a calmer checkpoint environment, which enables our officers to increase their focus on security. This is a win-win as security is best served by a calm screening environment and, in return, the passengers benefit from a less stressful, more efficient security experience." The Self-Select Lanes are comprised of three lanes designated by signage that directs passengers to the lane that best suits their travel needs and knowledge of security requirements – Expert, for the business traveler who flies regularly; Casual, for travelers who are somewhat familiar with the procedures; and Family/Special Assistance, which is already in place at Bradley, for passengers traveling with small children or strollers, elderly passengers and passengers carrying medically necessary liquids, aerosols, and gels in excess of three ounces. Commissioner Joseph F. Marie noted, “The Connecticut Department of Transportation, which prides itself on customer service in all transit modes, is pleased to work with its federal partners at TSA to give Bradley customers a more pleasant and less stressful travel experience. This free transportation enhancement will be beneficial to all passengers, business and leisure, who will be utilizing Bradley for their future travel needs.” Interim Aviation and Ports Bureau Chief Mark T. Daley added, “This is just another example of the continuation of the State of Connecticut’s excellent working relationship with the local TSA here at Bradley. Thanks to Peter Boynton, TSA Federal Security Director (FSD) at the airport, and his staff for another job well done.” Salt Lake City International and Denver International airports were the first to launch the self-select lanes process in February 2008. Airports implementing the program have seen a reduction in wait times for expert travelers in the expert lanes, an overall increase in throughput and increased customer satisfaction. In addition, because families have more time to prepare for screening in the family lanes, TSA officers are discovering fewer prohibited items during the screening process. TSA will continue to expand the program to additional airports based on input from our partners. Airport selection is based on a number of factors, including checkpoint configuration, stakeholder support and passenger population. To watch a video of the Diamond Self-Select Lanes in action, please visit To view passenger response on this and other TSA innovations, visit
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