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Bradley International Airport Unveils the Latest in Firefighting Apparatus 11/9/2010
Two new "Striker 1500" vehicles, both equipped with 1500 gallon water tanks, are added to Bradley's fleet

For Further Information Contact: Bradley International Airport Office of Communications – (860) 292-2107

WINDSOR LOCKS, CONNECTICUT – November 9, 2010 – State Transportation Commissioner Jeffrey A. Parker announced today that Bradley International Airport (BDL) has recently acquired the latest in Airport Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) equipment with the addition of a two new fire trucks, both equipped with 1500 gallon water tanks, for its fleet.

Commissioner Parker notes, “This is another example of the Connecticut Department of Transportation and Bradley’s continuing efforts to maintain its national reputation as a leader in the latest technology for all aspects of airport operations.”  Bradley Deputy Fire Chief Tom Durkin comments, “These next-generation additions to our existing ARFF fleet will allow the Airport to be better prepared to handle a number of different types of incidents, should they occur.”

These new “Striker 1500” vehicles complement the current BDL ARFF fleet which consists of two 3000 gallon Strikers.  Other distinctive features of these new fire trucks include:

-                           The 58,000 pound vehicles are wider and have a lower center of gravity (the vehicles are lower to the ground) than previous ARFF apparatus; this makes them better in rough terrain, i.e., in a hilly or wooded area of Airport property.

-                            They are equipped with a forward-looking, heat-sensitive infrared camera which gives BDL firefighters the advantage of locating and extinguishing a fire quickly.

-                           They can accelerate from 0 to 50 miles-per-hour in 25 seconds, allowing for rapid response time to an emergency situation.

-                           They can discharge up to 750 gallons of water and foam per minute, an incredible amount of firefighting agent in the crucial early moments of an incident.

-                           One vehicle is equipped with a high reach extendable turret with a piercing nozzle while the other has a low attack high volume bumper turret.

-                           The total cost of the new fire trucks is $1.4 million, funded by Bradley International Airport passenger facility charges.

PHOTO/VIDEO OPPORTUNITY: A live demonstration of the new firefighting equipment will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 10th.  All interested news media should report to the TAC Air parking lot located adjacent to the “Field of Champions” near the intersection of Route 75 and Firehouse Road in Windsor Locks.

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